Prices starting at $15/min

5-day 3-day Next Day Same Day

Options available for High Bitrate, High Framerate, and 3D DCPs 


Create multiple versions of your projects for multiple territories/uses 

  • Subtitles
  • Captions
  • Additional Soundtracks
  • Sign Language

Encryption & Key Management

Protect your content with industry standard 128-bit AES encryption.
Manage key delivery for $10 per venue/festival with the first ten keys
delivered free of charge. Deliver DKDMs to distributors and integrators
at the standard key delivery rate. 


  • Flash Drive
  • USB Drive
  • CRU Solo
  • Your Own Drive

Asset Management

When you master your project with Simple DCP, your assets are archived
indefinitely to allow quick and easy access when you need it.

  • No subscription costs
  • No recall fees
  • Free integration with our partner festivals
  • Create new assets from your archived assets
  • Create new assets from assets on file with us


Simple DCP deploys rental drives to US theaters on industry
standard DX115 hard drives.

Secure Send

For projects that need extra security considerations. Secure Send
features include:

  • Password Protection
  • Encryption-at-rest
  • Access Management
  • Limited Time/Session Downloads

Online Transfer

Send your film to film festivals, distributors, and venues electronically.
Files are delivered via Signiant MediaShuttle shares.

  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Links good for 90 days
  • 0-50 GB – $37.50
  • 51-100 GB – $75
  • 101GB+ – $.75/GB