Hybrid events.

Now without the headaches.

Since 2010, Simple DCP has enabled film festivals big and small to bring the latest in digital cinema technology to their audiences. Every year we master, manage, and move thousands of films around the world.

Creating a cohesive experience across virtual platforms and physical events takes coordination and integration. It all starts with our state of the art media asset management workflows.

Media Onboarding and Asset Management

Whether you’re working with 5, 500, or 500000 assets, we help you acquire, ingest, manage,
and deliver your content where it needs to go for any use case.

Easy File Management

Store and manage original files as they come in or conform to a universal set of standards on ingest for streamlined collaboration and processing.

Professional Automation

Create automation workflows for fast turnarounds of polished, playback ready content.

Excellent Exporting

Export content to your desired platforms without leaving the cloud;

Collaborative Editing

Ingest live video streams directly to our MAM to grant editorial teams immediate access to assets for repackaging and VOD delivery


Simultaneously re-stream to multiple platforms including social media.


Leverage cloud AI to tag and transcribe content at lightning speed to make searchable indexing of files a breeze and create an accessible experience for all.

With so much happening at your event it’s already easy to lose sight of what an individual’s experience looks like. The divide between your physical and online events are even deeper. Make sure your online attendees don’t miss out on the live experience with our live/virtual integration support and services. We work with professional video teams to provide a full range of media production service before, during and after your event.

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