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Simple DCP creates Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) for theatrical exhibition. Whether you’re planning a film festival run or distributing your film to theaters nationwide, Simple DCP provides you with the tools and expertise to master your film with confidence.

Located in Los Angeles, CA – Simple DCP knows the film industry. From Academy Award winners to breakout web series, we service a diverse, global clientele with tailored solutions and one-on-one attention. Start the conversation with us and see how we can help you bring your film to the big screen.

What is a DCP?

A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is the standard convention accepted worldwide for distributing and projecting movies digitally. Using visually-lossless JPEG-2000 compression, DCPs present each and every frame of your film with pristine clarity in the highest digital screening resolutions available today.

Simple DCP provides solutions for you and your filmmakers to take advantage of all that D-Cinema has to offer at an affordable price.

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We Accept

    • Quicktime Files
    • Image Sequences
    • RED
    • HDCAM
    • HDCAM-SR
    • XDCAM
    • MXF
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DCP is the highest quality digital format available to filmmakers today for exhibiting their films theatrically. Visually-lossless compression. Uncompromising 12-bit color. Data rates over 20x greater than Blu-Ray! Up to 4K resolution. Multitrack and Immersive audio support. You'll be amazed how good your movie can look and sound!


What used to only be accessible to studios is now available to you at a fraction of the cost and can even be delivered for LESS THAN the cost of dubbing to tape. Unlike tape, however, the price of manufacturing a DCP will NOT fluctuate with tape availability and additional copies can be made for the price of a hard drive.


• Encryption - Protect your content from piracy falling into the wrong hands with 128-bit AES encryption. No matter where your film goes, you control when and where it will play

• Subtitling and Versioning - Prepare your content for multiple territories without remastering your film.

• Stereoscopic 3D - Compatibility with all commercial theatrical 3D systems


Our clients get the all-star treatment. Enjoy these benefits ABSOLUTELY FREE

• FREE Archival to LTO
• FREE screening room playback
• FREE Online Delivery
• Expert consult and support
• Dubs for the price of media


DCP has been accepted as the worldwide standard for digital cinema projection. Whether it's Los Angeles or Hong Kong, with a DCP, you can rest assured that your film will project flawlessly every time. And unlike more conventional methods, DCP supports a wide variety of frame rates and resolutions, which means audiences will see your film the way it was meant to be seen.

Academy Qualification

A DCP is the ONLY digital format accepted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for consideration. We provide you with the tools and guidance to ensure your DCP is compliant with Academy requirements and help you pursue your Oscar ambitions with confidence.